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Taos Furniture

Taos Furniture was first started in the late 1960's providing traditional hand crafted furniture. Craftsmen produced the furniture right here in Santa Fe, New Mexico using traditional northern New Mexico furniture making techniques that originated 400 years ago.

In 2006 Taos Furniture was renamed to embody those that introduced the furniture making technigues to us, the original carpinteros that travel with Onate and the first Spanish settlers to this area. It is theorized that it was the carpinteros that invented Santa Fe Style. Thus, the company was renamed Carpinteros.

Then in 2009, Carpinteros merged with Southwest Spanish Craftsmen, another Santa Fe institution creating hand crafted furniture for over 80 years. Southwest Spanish Craftsmen is known for more of its ornate and intricate carvings with deep rich finishes and smooth surfaces, while Carpinteros embodies the rustic and more austere elements in its furniture. This acquisition enabled two Santa Fe furniture making institutions to merge and provides customers with a never ending combination of carvings and details that can be combined if desired to create the ultimate Southwestern piece.

Today we move forward with just the name Southwest Spanish Craftsmen but continuing to offer all the furniture that came out of both Taos Furniture and Carpinteros in tandem with Southwest Spanish Craftsmen pieces.

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